Business House International

Business House International is a sales management and business development organization specialized in assisting companies in entering European markets.

We are dedicated to helping you enter the European market. Established in 2002 Business House International has over 15 years of experience and a strong international network. We enjoy providing any industry a tailor made start-up and have helped businesses successfully expand into Europe.

BHI provides a broad range of services: from sales and authorized representation, market research and marketing, to logistics and warehousing.


The bottom line is: BHI helps companies to more and better sales in Europe.



  The basics


First action is starting up your (tax-smart) legal entity and setting up your companies basics:
  1. Office located at the WTC Rotterdam
  2. Setting up your company
  3. Opening your bank-account(s)
  4. Setting up your contact-logistics
  5. Website and social media initiation
  6. Office management
  7. Customizing CRM



  GROW FAST IN 4 easy steps 


In 2003 we began offering our 4-phase sales building program. It is a simple, efficiënt and cost effective method to establish and generate sales in markets of your choice.


Business House International





Together we examine the potential for your company and product(s) in European markets.  
After we have evaluated your product we then perform a market survey, a product/market analysis, and a proposal for a sales infrastructure. This step tells you which of your products at what price can be positioned in which specific markets in Europe.

Business House International establishes sales and distribution infrastructures.  
We examine marketing and sales, logistics, after sales, financial and reporting structures. The results of this step are action plans for product launch. We will review with you a go/no-go for proceeding with sales.

Business House International functions as your European sales office.  
While working to increase sales, your business development manager will report to you on sales, market information, trends, opportunities and threats, and how various sales channels are performing. You will receive continuous, up-to-date information about how your product is developing in Europe.

In addition to monitoring and controlling sales, we support, organize and execute brand building.  
We actively pursue promotion events, local representation during trade shows, and search for new positioning opportunities. In addition, we increase sales and market opportunities by exploring new product combinations with current customers as well as finding new customers for existing products.





In 12 months you will have a fully functional and profitable business in Europe.

During each phase we constantly evaluate and report the results to you. Depending on the results you can decide to go forward after every term of three months.



   Your own dedicated staff


Depending on how intensive you want to go forward we select a dedicated staff for you:

  • Office-manager
  • Projectmanager reporting to the CEO of BHI and you
  • Specialists as required by your specific business-demands



  Cost-effective solutions


At any moment you can decide to take over control yourself or leave further growth in the hands of Business House International. Each step will take a period of three months to complete. Phases normally start overlapping after about two months as each phase initiates the next phases actions.

Business House International enjoys providing you with cost-effective solutions to open up, stabilize and increase European operations within 12 months.

  • Strategy & Organization
  • Business Development
  • Business Platform
  • ​Unique Call Center
  • Market Survey
  • Start Ups
  • ​​Branding



   Your office location


Contact Business House International

Located at the WTC:

Beursplein 37, 3011 AA Rotterdam, The Netherlands



If you would like to receive further information and a business proposal please send us an email at